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Start Mining DERO

Mining is essentially the process of using your computer to solve complex math equations, which helps verify and secure a cryptocurrency network. In our case, it is the DERO network. By doing this, you will be rewarded with some DERO.

If you want to learn about cryptocurrencies, mining is a great place to start!

How to Mine DERO?

Please note: Unfortunately because of some bad people using mining software in malware, most anti-viruses will detect the programs below as unsafe.

It is likely you will need to add exeptions and exclusions to your antivirus software in order to make things work properly.

Unless you know what you are doing, please only download from the links below.

There are currently a few different ways in which you can start mining DERO:

1. XMR-Stak

XMR-Stak is a unified miner, which means the same program will be used to mine with both your CPU and your GPU. It will automatically detect your hardware and adjust the settings accordingly.

Please follow this guide to start mining DERO with XMR-Stak.

If you're on Linux, check this guide.

2. XMRig

XMRig is a little bit different to XMR-Stak, you need to download a CPU and GPU miner separately and run two separate instances in your computer. One will use your CPU and the other one will use your GPU.

Please follow this guide to start mining DERO with XMRig.

3. Cloud Mining

Please follow this guide to mine with the cloud.

4. SBC/Raspberry Pi Mining

Please follow this guide to mine with a SBC/Rasperry Pi.

5. Mobile Mining

Please note: Using your mobile to mine DERO is not effective and should only be done for the lulz. It may also cause the phone to overheat and result in premature silicon degradation, shortening the lifespan of your phone.

Currently there is no way to mine DERO on your mobile phone.


You may view a comprehensive list of pools here.

Have Questions or Need Help?

Check out our Discord, our Slack Channel, or our subreddit to get in touch.